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Cotton Field Branch
Lot 54 Essequibo Coast
Tel: +592 771 4444, 771 4955 . Fax: 771 4298
Head of Branch: Vishnu Harpaul

This Branch was declared open on October 21, 1994 by Mr George Fleming Jones, US Ambassador to Guyana.

Services are extended to residents from the Wakenaam, Essequibo River to Moruca, Region #1 areas including the Essequibo Mainland.

Staff Members
Vishnu Harpaul Branch Manager 771-4298
Barry Singh Senior Business Counsellor/Field Officer 771-4444
Hayla Haynes Business Counsellor/Field Officer II 771-4444
Rodwell Spellen Business Counsellor/Field Officer II 771-4444
Shiva Lall Business Counsellor/Field Officer II 771-4444
Neela Ramesh Senior Legal Clerk 771-4444
Sarojanie Griffith Senior Accounts Clerk 771-4444
Cadolena Rajcoomar Accounts Clerk II 771-4444