“The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused us all to adopt safer ways of doing basic things. At IPED we’ve taken steps to protect not only you, the customer, but our team as well.”

Take a look at our Covid-19 Policy to learn more

The two things that I am most grateful for that IPED has done for employees during the pandemic is the breathing clinic that is facilitated every day. It allows us to use our breath to create inner peace reducing feelings of anxiety and inspiring hope. The second thing is during the month of May IPED hosted two presentations with medical doctors to engage us in discussions on immunity during COVID-19 and taking care of our mental health during the pandemic.

Ashauna Alphonso – Accounting Officer (Head Office)

The two things I am most thankful for in IPED’s COVID-19 response is the ability to work remotely and being provided with tools to work remotely. I work remotely at least three days of the week and to make this possible IPED issued me a laptop in order to get work done. Working remotely also reduces the need for me to access childcare for my daughter which lessens my worry about physical distancing practices and contamination risks. I also have an IPED issued cellphone with data which I use to attend daily meetings with my department via Microsoft Teams and to remain in contact with my manager and team members. IPED Cares!

Dinesha Jones – Human Resource Officer (Head Office)

Here at IPED we are dealing with a range of changes and emotions presented by Covid -19 and I am very grateful for the way management is handling the situation. They have implemented new processes to support staff and customers. One of such is being able to work remotely from home which I am very grateful for since this allows me to stay home, be safe and work without worrying about being infected. I also have an IPED cell phone with minutes and data to keep in contact with my coworkers, customers and management.

Another thing IPED supported me with is transportation cost for taxi to and from work for the days that I have to work in office so that I do not have to use public transportation which limits my risk of being contaminated. In office there is a level of satisfaction and motivation to work without contamination stress since management has in effect all the necessary precautions (Hand sanitizers, hand soap, sinks, masks & social and physical distancing just to name a few) to combat this virus. I would like management to know that I recognize and appreciate their efforts in coping with the corona virus and I am very proud to be a part of IPED’s Family.

Nareshna Dhudan – Credit Clerk II (Cotton Field Branch)


  • All persons entering IPED’s compound must wear a MASK. Masks should be worn for the  duration of the time in our offices. For team members, whether you are in your  office/cubicle or walking around the office you are required to wear a MASK. 
  • We have installed wash basins at all our locations along with soap and paper towels.  Before entering any of our offices all team members, clients, and guests must wash their  hands with soap. 
  • Every team member, client and guest must submit to temperature testing. Security will be trained  on how to effectively use the thermometer. 
  • Janitorial staff will frequently sanitize all high-touch areas such as counters, handrails, doorknobs,  and bathrooms. All office doors will be left open to reduce how frequently these knobs are touched. 
    • Pictorial Process: Wash hands, Check temperature, wear a mask.