Mabaruma Branch
Kumaka Extension Centre, Mabaruma, Region #1
Tel: +592 670 3714

The IPED Mabaruma Branch is located at the Kumaka Extension Centre, Mabaruma Region #1. Our Branch opened in June 2007 to meet the needs of the region’s residents for ready access to financing. This Branch serves Mabaruma and its environs, the Mabaruma township, Mabaruma Settlement, Thomas Hill, Barima, Nobo, Barabina, Kumaka, Hosororo, Koberimo, Wanaina, Wauna, White Water, Kamwatta, Yarakita, Aruau, Upper & Lower Aruka River, Waruta/Barima, Red Hill, Black Water, Unity Square, Marawhanna, Imbotero, Matarkai (Matthew’s Ridge, Arakaka and Port Kaituma), Oronoque, Fitzburg, Citrus Grove, Waini River and Almond Beach.

Staff Members
Henry Smith Senior Business Counsellor/Field Officer 600-3715

Port Kaituma Branch
Essequibo, Region #1
Tel: +592 699 9170

Staff Members
Alexus James Business Counsellor/Field Officer I 699-9170

Cotton Field Branch
54 Cotton Field, Essequibo Coast
Tel: 592 771 4498
Charity 592-771-4707, 592-771-4800

Head of Branch: Vishnu Harpaul

This Branch was declared open on October 21, 1994 by Mr George Fleming Jones, US Ambassador to Guyana.

Services are extended to residents from the Wakenaam, Essequibo River to Moruca, Region #1 areas including the Essequibo Mainland.

Staff Members
Vishnu Harpaul Branch Manager 771-4298
Barry Singh Senior Business Counsellor/Field Officer 771-4444
Hayla Haynes Business Counsellor/Field Officer II 771-4444
Rodwell Spellen Business Counsellor/Field Officer II 771-4444
Shiva Lall Business Counsellor/Field Officer II 771-4444
Neela Ramesh Senior Legal Clerk 771-4444
Sarojanie Griffith Senior Accounts Clerk 771-4444
Cadolena Rajcoomar Accounts Clerk II 771-4444

Parika Branch
Pet Shop Street, Parika, East Bank Essequibo
Tel: 592 260 4399

Head of Branch: Dhanpall Birbal

The Parika Branch was opened in August 1998.

The geographical areas serviced by this branch encompass all villages from Vreed-en-hoop on the West Coast of Demerara to Parika on the East Bank of Essequibo. Visits are also done to areas such as Hubu, Naamryck, Hogg Island, Fort Island and Leguan Island.

Office hours
Monday 8:00am to 2:30pm
Tuesday 8:00am to 2:30pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 8:00am to 2:30pm
Friday 8:00am to 2:30pm
Saturday Closed

Staff Members
Dhanpall Birbal Branch Manager 260-4399
Brindaban Ramasar Business Counsellor/Field Officer II 260-4399
Maureen Sukhram Senior Accounts Clerk 260-4399 

Vreed-en-Hoop Branch
Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara
Tel: 592 264 3592

Staff Members
Vickram Persaud Senior Business Counsellor/Field Officer 264-3592 

IPED Head Office
253-254 South Road, Bourda, Georgetown
Tel: +592 225 8949 or 226 5913

Ramesh Persaud Chief Executive Officer Ext. 119
Rossita Cunje Executive Assistant Ext. 124
Credit Dept.
Yogieraj Das Credit Manager Ext. 118
Garrett Ward Branch Manager Ext. 104
Gordon Trim Branch Manager Ext. 106
Deborah Austin Senior Business Counsellor/Field Officer Ext. 115
Kaimlall Chattergoon Senior Business Counsellor/Field Officer Ext. 114
Ramphal Sukhdeo Business Counsellor/Field Officer I Ext. 116
Paula King Business Counsellor/Field Officer II Ext. 109
Amanda Gonsalves Administrative Assistant II Ext. 101
Nikeda Wishart Administrative Assistant I Ext. 111
Mark Peters Business Counsellor/Field Officer II Ext. 107
Jenella Benn Business Counsellor/Field Officer I Ext. 113
Kumarie Hussain Accounts Clerk II Ext. 103
Finance Dept.
Jagdesh Haripershad Finance Manager Ext. 121
Sheena Crandon Accounts Supervisor Ext. 219
Tiffany Goodridge Accounts Clerk II Ext. 224
Seeta Gaindalall Senior Accounts Clerk Ext. 223
Latchmie Persaud Accounts Clerk I Ext. 230
Romario Chung Accounts Clerk I Ext 221
Ashauna Alphonso Accounts Clerk II Ext 219
Admin Dept.
Hemant S.I. Singh Admin Manager/Company Secretary Ext. 120
Rosell Forde Administrative Assistant III Ext. 110
Dinesha Jones Administrative/ Human Resources Clerk I Ext. 226
Entrepreneurial Development Centre
Carlotta Walcott Entrepreneurial Development Manager Ext. 125
Dianne Wong EDC Coordinator Ext. 225
Tandy Primo Administrative Assistant I Ext. 128
MIS/Training Dept.
Troy Roberts MIS Consultant Ext. 204
Lenore Boston MIS Technician Ext. 204
Legal Dept.
Juanita Critchlow Senior Legal Clerk Ext. 222
Shenella Clarke Legal Clerk I Ext. 222
Kenesha Smith Legal Clerk II Ext. 222
Debt Recovery Dept
Niaiol Paul Officer-in-Charge Debt Recovery & Legal Depts. Ext. 220
Ryan Ramsaroop Debt Recovery Officer Ext. 201
Elizabeth Bankay Legal Clerk I Ext. 222
Internal Audit
Prasanna Kumar Muthu Internal Auditor Ext. 126
Keyshawn Philander Senior Audit Clerk Ext. 201
Tilicia Haridat Audit Clerk I Ext. 201
West Bank Berbice
Lot 55B Rosignol
Tel: 592-327-5367
Port Mourant Branch
1 Port Mourant, Corentyne, Berbice, 592-336-6171
Corriverton, Berbice, 592-335-3928

Head of Branch: Mr Elvis Rose

IPED’s Port Mourant Branch has provided financial assistance to entrepreneurs and small businesses in Administrative Region 6 (Berbice), both on the populated coast and in remote areas, since February 11, 1994.

Financial and technical assistance is provided to entrepreneurs via trained Business Counsellors.

Staff Members:
Elvis Rose Branch Manager 336-6171
Adolphus Mario Sukhra Senior Business Counsellor/Field Officer 336-6171
Derwin Vandenburg Business Counsellor/Field Officer II 336-6171
Pamela Rogers Senior Legal Clerk 336-6171
Omawattie Gopaul Senior Accounts Clerk 336-6171
Ragunandan Pancham Senior Business Counsellor/Field Officer 336-6171

There are two sub-offices located in the towns of New Amersterdam and Corriverton that facilitate clients residing in or near these population centres. Both sub-offices are open on Tuesdays (9:00-13:00hrs) and Fridays (9:00 – 15:00hrs).

Corriverton Sub Office
Lot K Springlands, Corriverton
Tel: +592 335 3928
Business Counsellor/ Credit Officer: Ragunandan Panchan

New Amsterdam Sub Office
DDL Building, Main & Chapel Sts.
Business Counsellor/ Credit Officer: Adolphus Sukhra

Lethem Branch
Lethem, Rupununi
Tel: 592-772-2230

Head of Branch: Shaun Persaud

The Lethem Branch was declared open in October 2003. It is situated in the centre of Lethem, in Central Rupununi.

The Lethem Branch serves a population of 23,000 who reside in the five Administrative Districts:
Deep South Rupununi, South Central Rupununi, Central Rupununi, North Rupununi and South Pakaraima.

Services are also provided to thirty four major villages and twenty two auxilliary villages.

Staff: Curtis Buckley – Counsellor/Field Officer

Linden Branch
23 Republic Avenue, McKenzie, Linden
Tel: 592 444 3001

The Linden branch was established in 1991 and serves residents in the following areas: Upper Berbice River, Aroaima, Kwakwani, Ituni, Coomaka Mines, Upper Demerara River, the township of Linden, Bamia/ Moblissa, Linden Highway and Rockstone.

Staff Members: Hilton Lord Senior Business Counsellor/Field Officer 444-3001